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ENIGMA Team Retreat 2019ENIGMA’s mandate is scientific discovery, consolidating area experts and specialists from around the USA. Four integrated scientific Components – Environmental Microbiology, Microbial Physiology, Biotechnology Development and Computation advance our mission to establish the genetic determinants of adaptation to life in dynamic environments. For any environment we seek to predict the temporal changes in geochemistry with some precision, given geochemical and biological inputs; and to predict microbial functional changes.

ENIGMA represents a departure from traditional research institutions that are physically assembled. Rather a geographically dispersed team- ~160-plus inter-disciplinary scientists, post doctoral researchers and graduate students combine their expertise and collaborate to develop environmental, biological, genetic, and computational technologies to advance the process of discovery.

Due to the distributed nature of the project, ENIGMA personnel are not co-located. If you cannot locate team member from the information provided on specific pages, please go to the ENIGMA Directory to conduct a comprehensive search.