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Support Sara Gushgari-Doyle Berkeley Lab SLAM finalist - Sara Gushgari-Doyle of the Chakraborty Lab was selected as a finalist in the Berkeley Lab “Early Career Scientist Research SLAM.” She was selected as one of 12 finalists from a field of 44 submissions to go head-to-head in a “3-minute-describe-your-work-in-layman-terms” challenge that Berkeley Lab has hosted for the past 3 years. Finalists receive coaching via “Making the Most of Your… READ MORE
2021 ASM Award for Environmental Research -           Terry Hazen, Ph.D. receives 2021 ASM Award for Environmental Research Recognizes an outstanding scientist with distinguished research achievements that have improved our understanding of microbes in the environment, including aquatic, terrestrial and atmospheric settings. For more information READ MORE
Small is mighty: adaptation of Patescibacteria to groundwater environment drives their genome simplicity - (Video taken from Research Square)   The Science      This new study, by ENIGMA researchers, examined the newly-defined superphylum Patescibacteria, finding that they have developed unique characteristics which help adapt themselves to nutrient-limited but stable conditions in groundwater. Characteristics include  highly reduced genome sizes and ultra-small cell size with simplified metabolism pathways for energy and carbon utilization as well as basic… READ MORE
Nitrate-reducers-on-different-C_light Selective carbon sources influence the end-products of microbial nitrate respiration - July 21, 2020-Carlson, H.K.; L.M. Lui, M.N. Price, A.E. Kazakov, A.V. Carr, J.V. Kuehl, T.K. Owens, T. Nielsen, A.P. Arkin, A.M. Deutschbauer (2020) Selective carbon sources influence the end-products of microbial nitrate respiration. International Society for Microbial Ecology Journal. [doi]:10.1038/s41396-020-0666-7 The world's population relies on nitrogen fertilizer to maintain productive agricultural ecosystems. However, as a consequence of industrial fertilizer use… READ MORE
Precisely-Quantifying-Ecological-Processes-in-Shaping-Subsurface-Communities Precisely Quantifying Ecological Processes in Shaping Subsurface Communities - October 20, 2019–ENIGMA researchers at University of Oklahoma have developed a general framework for quantitatively assessing ecological stochasticity. This general framework provides an effective and robust tool to ecologists for quantifying ecological stochasticity. This allows ENIGMA to move towards a more precise quantitative understanding of ecological processes shaping subsurface communities. The new index normalized stochasticity ratio (NST) showed high accuracy… READ MORE
fangchao song ENIGMA’s Fangchao Song is Berkley Lab SLAM Finalist! - October 18, 2019–Fanchao Song of Arkin Lab was selected to compete in Berkeley Lab "Early Career Scientist and Research SLAM." Here is his presentation from the SLAM "I am a Bubble Player," which was selected from a competitive field of 42 entries. This is the "3-minute-describe-your-work-in-layman-terms" challenge that Berkeley Lab is hosting for postdocs. Finalists receive coaching via "Making the… READ MORE