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Robustness of a model microbial community emerges from population structure among single cells of a clonal population Thompson, A.W, Turkarslan S., Arens, C.E, López García de Lomana, A., Raman, A., Stahl, D.A., Baliga, N.S. Environmental Microbiology, 10.1111/1462-2920.13764  
Robustness of a model microbial community emerges from population structure among single cells of a clonal population
May 1, 2017
Serdar Turkarslan, a Senior Research Scientist at the Institute for Systems Biology in Seattle, Washington; along with a team of researchers has developed a framework to quantify microbial community resilience in the face of environmental changes. This framework will be invaluable for observing the behavior of microbial communities under simulations of current and projected environmental conditions. Their […]
ENIGMA Researchers Uncover Factors in Microbial Community Collapse
April 7, 2017
  A collaboration of researchers at Johns Hopkins University, Colorado State University, The University of Tennessee, The Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory, The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, The University of Oklahoma and the University of Georgia, Oak Ridge National Laboratory researchers in the Bioscience Division for the ENIGMA have released an article in Environmental Science and Technology. They have […]
Temporal Dynamics of In-Field Bioreactor Populations Reflect the Groundwater System and Respond Predictably to Perturbation
January 24, 2017
Exometabolomic profiling was used to examine the time-varying substrate depletion from a mixture of 19 amino acids and glucose by two Pseudomonads and one Bacillus FRC isolates. ENIGMA researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab examined if the first substrates depleted resulted in maximal growth rate, or related to growth medium or biomass composition and found […]
Predicting metabolic properties using dynamic substrate preference
January 23, 2017
  ENIGMA’s Joe Jizhong Zhou, a Professor at University of Oklahoma  will receive the U.S Department of Energy’s highest scientific award from U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz in a ceremony in Washington, D.C., later this year. The prestigious 2014 Ernest Orlando Lawrence Award acknowledges outstanding contributions in the biological and environmental sciences supporting research and […]
Jizhong Joe Zhou Recipient of DOE’s Highest Scientific Honor- The Lawrence Award
May 21, 2015

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