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DuBSEQ functional characterization Nature Communications

ENIGMA researchers release DuBSEQ, a tool for broader use in microbial functional characterization and which allows for high throughput manipulation of specific strain libraries in Nature Communications.

A multi-disciplinary team of bench scientists and computational scientists collaborated to generate the large data set and analyses that confirm known functional genes and identify interesting genes of novel function.

Vivek K. Mutalik, Pavel S. Novichkov, Morgan N. Price, Trenton K. Owens, Sean Carim, Astrid Terry, Adam M. Deutschbauer, Adam P. Arkin

ENIGMA authors; Front row-Morgan N. Price, Pavel S. Novichkov, Vivek K. Mutalik, Astrid Terry, Sean Carim. Back row-Trenton K. Owens, Adam M. Deutschbauer, Adam P. Arkin — In Emeryville, California, 1/16/2019

Dual-barcoded shotgun expression library sequencing for high-throughput characterization of functional traits in bacteria