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Complete genome sequence of Pseudomonas stutzeri strain RCH2

Chakraborty, RomyDr. Chakraborty and a team of ENIGMA researchers have published the complete genome sequence of P. stutzeri strain RCH2 using targeted enrichment to isolate the microbe from samples at Hanford 100 H area; where hexavalent Chromium [Cr(VI)] is a widespread contaminant found in soil, sediment, and groundwater. The Pseudomonas strain RCH2 is now a model nitrate-reducing organism for ENIGMA due to its ability to reduce Cr(VI) and Fe(III) under denitrifying and oxic conditions.

Global genome comparisons of strain RCH2 with six other fully sequenced P. stutzeri strains revealed strain RCH2 has an additional 244 genes, some of which are involved in chemotaxis, Flp pilus biogenesis, and pyruvate/2-oxoglutarate complex formation.

Complete genome sequence of Pseudomonas stutzeri strain RCH2 isolated from a Hexavalent Chromium [Cr(VI)] contaminated site. Chakraborty R, Woo H, Dehal P, Walker R, Zemla M, Auer M, Goodwin LA, Kazakov A, Novichkov P, Arkin A.P, Hazen TC. Standards in Genomic Sciences (2017) 12:23; DOI: 10.1186/s40793-017-0233-7