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Nitrite Reduction Assay for Whole Pseudomonas Cells

ENIGMA researchers at University of Georgia developed and published a rapid high-throughput assay for whole-cell nitrite reductase activity.  Such activity assays will be key for future ENIGMA endeavors to relate biological activities of individual microorganisms and their communities to the environment.

  • A rapid high-throughput assay was constructed to measure whole cell nitrite reductase activity.
  • This detailed procedure can be adapted to investigate nitrate and nitrite reduction in ENIGMA relevant strains and communities.

Standard nitrite curve from 0-100 µM nitrite A) The red-pink color develops when Griess reagent is added to the nitrite containing sample. B) A linear standard curve is shown with values ranging from 0–100 µM nitrite

Nitrite Reduction Assay for Whole Pseudomonas Cells. Thorgersen, M.P.; and M.W. Adams Bio-protocol 6(10): e1818.