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Rare environmental isolates found at ENIGMA field site

Romy Chakraborty-  Earth & Environmental Sciences

ENIGMA researcher Romy Chakraborty announced today that her team has successfully sequenced two Janthinobacterium lividum strains isolated from Oak Ridge Reservation background groundwater samples. These are the first representatives of Janthinobacterium available from subsurface aquatic environment. To date, only a few environmental isolates of Janthinobacterium spp. have been sequenced from lake sediments, soils, and mostly cold habitats.

The draft genome sequence of strain GW456P was 6.27 Mb in length, and the total GC content was 62.89%. Genome size of GW458P was 6.29 Mb, with a total GC content of 63.29%. Two violet-pigmented Janthinobacterium strains were isolated from pristine groundwater samples and sequenced. We identified three genes known to regulate violacein biosynthesis, the sensor kinase jqsS, the response regulator jqsR, and the autoinducer synthase jqsA. Upstream regions of the vioABCDE operons in both strains contain the inverted repeat TTGATATTTATCAA, which coincides with the published JqsR binding motif.

Wu, X.; Deutschbauer, A.M.; Kazakov, A.E.; Wetmore, K.M.; Cwick, B.A.; Walker, R.M.; Novichkov, P.S.; Arkin, A.P.; Chakraborty, R. (2017), Draft Genome Sequences of Two Janthinobacterium Strains, Isolated from Pristine Groundwater Collected from Oak Ridge Field Research Center, Genome Announc 5: e00582-17.

DOI: 10.1128/genomeA.00582-17