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Metabolizing Data in the Cloud

ENIGMA researchers at Scripps Research Institute have developed tools with available data to enable microbial and environmental research.

  • ENIGMA’s XCMS Online systems biology data processing and the METLIN database represent a successful model of how community oriented cloud-computing can be implemented on a global scale. This free, cloud-based platform provides users with processing tools, data streaming, statistical analysis, and pathway-based multi-omic analysis.
  • Beyond ENIGMA’s microbial and environmental research, the success of cloud-based systems biology platforms will likely evolve and expand into other fields, such as molecular modeling, and education, to name only a few.  It was featured in Nature
  • Cloud-based bioinformatic platforms address the fundamental demands of creating a flexible scientific environment, facilitating data processing and general accessibility. These platforms have a multitude of advantages to support both government and scientific mandates of a more open environment.

Metabolizing Data in the Cloud. Warth, B.; Levin, N.S.; Rinehart, D.; Teijaro, J.; Benton, H.P.; Siuzdak, G.

(2017) Trends in Biotechnology. DOI: 10.1016/j.tibtech.2016.12.010

METLIN database can be found at