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Scientific Advisory Committee 2018

The Scientific Advisory Committee (nominated by the steering committee) assembles annually to provide external advice on how to better direct the program and communication of progress and results. While the SAC is an advisory body, it is not a review committee. The annual meeting culminates in a report to the Steering Committee; parts of which may be communicated to the DOE and the Executive Committee if necessary.

  • Worden, Alexandra
    Worden, Alexandra
    Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute Microbial Ecologist and Biologist
  • Voordouw, Gerrit
    Voordouw, Gerrit
    University of Calgary Professor, Biological Sciences
  • Sayler, Gary
    University of Tennessee Director, UT Center for Environmental Biotechnology
  • Tringe, Susannah
    Susannah Tringe
    Dr. Tringe joined the JGI in 2003 as a postdoctoral fellow...