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Staff Research Associate (UCB)

This position has been filled.

The California Institute for Quantitative Biosciences (QB3) is one of four Governor Gray Davis Institutes for Science and Innovation established in 2000 to ensure the future of the California economy by promoting research and innovation. QB3 is a cooperative effort between the state of California, private industry, venture capital, and the University of California campuses at Berkeley, San Francisco, and Santa Cruz.

Q93 harnesses the quantitative sciences of physics and engineering to unify our understanding of biological systems at all levels of complexity, from atoms and molecules to cells, tissues, and entire living organisms. 093 scientists make discoveries that drive the development of technologies, products, and wholly new industries, ensuring that California remains competitive in the 21st century.

QB3 is seeking a Staff Research Associate I to be part of a multi-disciplinary team including microbiologists, engineers and biochemists engaged in study of microbial community structure and function. The specific responsibilities will include performing genomic and transcriptomlc analysis of microbial cells from environmental and clinical samples. The candidate will be responsible for cell sorting, nucleic acid purification, amplification, and sample preparation for next-generation sequencing. The Research Associate will also participate and report in group meetings.

***This is a one year full time contract appointment***

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