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Postdoctoral Appointee (Sandia National Lab)

This position has been filled.

Sandia/California Biotechnology and Bioengineering Department is seeking a postdoctoral appointee to join a multidisciplinary team using recent advances in gene editing technology (CRISPR) for genome-wide knockout screening in human cells and for development of novel in vivo CRISPR delivery platforms. We aim to understand the fundamental mechanisms of viral infection of biodefense-related pathogens through these studies with the potential to discover host-directed therapeutic targets. The successful postdoctoral candidate will help develop large-scale gene knockout screening assays to test against multiple virus models, work with an engineering team to develop nanoparticle-based CRISPR delivery vehicles, and transition in vitro findings to animal models. The successful postdoctoral candidate will also be responsible for the effective communication of research results through publications and conference presentations.

The Post-Doctoral Appointee Program is designed to recruit outstanding Ph.D. applicants to assist a line organization in meeting its mission objectives and to provide a professional technical work environment for the employee. The Ph.D. must have been conferred within one to five years prior to employment. These assignments are for a one-year period, with the option at managements discretion to serve no more than five additional one-year assignments. Post-doctoral salaries at Sandia are highly competitive ($85,700).

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