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Grad Student Research Program (DOE Office of Science)

Deadline has passed but check back next year!

Office of Science Priority Research Areas for SCGSR Program

The applicants to the SCGSR Program must be pursuing graduate research in an area that is aligned with one or more of the Priority Research Areas for the SCGSR 2015 Competition. The applicant’s proposed SCGSR research project to be conducted at a DOE laboratory must address stated aims in at least one of the priority areas listed below.

Applicants will need to identify in the online application system which Office of Science priority research area their proposed SCGSR research project is aligned with. Applications with a proposed research project that does not address an Office of Science research priority area and does not make specific reference to the stated aims of one the listed areas will not be considered.

A successful ENIGMA proposal would provide a unique opportunity to incorporate ENIGMA’s state-of-the-art resources into SCGSR research. Students interested in applying to the SCGSR program should contact ENIGMA staff immediately to discuss their research goals and develop an appropriate proposal.

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