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Biochemist Research Scientist (LBNL)-80267

This position has been filled.

The ENIGMA scientific focus area at LBNL seeks a microbial biochemist to apply modern high-throughput biochemical, analytical and genetic techniques to understand microbe-environment and microbe-microbe interactions in contaminated and pristine environments. The successful candidate will lead the development of a research program to (1) develop new experimental strategies to rapidly characterize metabolic capabilities and metabolic networks in diverse microbial isolates and communities. Particular emphasis will be placed on the development of biochemical assays to complement existing high-throughput genetic work, (2) develop new experimental strategies to systematically define the biogeochemical controls on microbial species growth and community structure and identify novel approaches to selectively and predictably perturb complex microbial ecosystems (3)infer the evolutionary and biochemical mechanisms by which microbial species and consortia adapt to their environments.

The successful candidate will apply techniques including transposon mutagenesis-sequencing (TnSeq), extensive phenotyping of mutants, and high-throughput screening to characterize gene-microbe-environment interactions and define biogeochemical parameters that limit or enhance microbial growth and metabolism. Experience developing new cell-based and protein-based high-throughput assays with air-sensitive proteins and anaerobic microorganisms and experience with robotic automation are required. To meet these goals, the successful candidate will collaborate closely with the ENIGMA biotechnology, computational,environmental, and laboratory components. The successful candidate is expected to present their findings in conferences and peer-reviewed journals in addition to identifying and acquiring extramural funding outside of DOE, including extending research to host-associated microbial communities such as the human microbiome, industrial ecosystems, and microbial host engineering for biomanufacturing.

The successful candidate will also work on collaborative projects with researchers in the UC Berkeley Energy Biosciences Institute providing technical support and expertise to projects related to characterization of anaerobic industrial microorganisms and industrial ecosystems. In particular, the successful candidate will work closely with researchers seeking to develop new technologies to treat biosouring in oil reservoir environments.

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